Skype Lesson Information

         What you will need

  • Computer, tablet, iPad, or iPhone

  • Video Camera, which most devices already have on them!

  • Headphones available - although not always needed.

  • Music stand, pencil, notepad.

  • You may want to record your lesson on your iPhone or take notes!


Perks to being my student  

  • I will send you free copies of my sheet music!

  • I will follow you on social media and support you on your platforms.

  • Suggest new songs for you to work on, everything from classical to pop!

  • I’ll be available via email/text to answer your questions and celebrate in your accomplishments.

  • Join my Skype Student Facebook page! Only for Bevani’s current students!


Skype Information:

Please download Skype: and add me to your Skype friends. Search Bevani Flute - user name: bevb123 and I will add you back.


I offer limited scholarships based on need and individual circumstances. Please tell me more about your situation if this is you!


Skype Testimonials:

“One of the best things I've done for myself is to take Skype lessons Bevani. I have learned more on Skype lessons with her than I did with in person lessons I got when I first started playing the flute 30 years ago. I encourage you to do something wonderful for yourself and take some skype lessons with Bevani. I promise you won't regret it”. - Kim age 45 (Massachusetts)


“Bevani, your enthusiasm to teach us to be free and love our instrument is a breath of fresh air for all ages! Your encouragement and constructive feedback means a great deal to me. Since I started Skype Lessons with you, your honest, truly genuine and FUN approach to teaching has really helped me to come out of my shell. I think I must have lived in a “bubble of my own criticism” which was really holding me back. I’m starting to “cut loose” and I like it"! - Shere age 60 (B.C. Canada)



  • I teach Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm  (I am on Central Time Zone)

  • Please email me at if you are interested in lessons and I will send you an invitation to view my teaching calendar through the teaching platform called FONS.  You will then be able to sign up for a lesson and make payments!

  • To benefit the most from private lessons I suggest weekly lessons. However, I’m willing to accommodate your schedule too! For example, we can set up lessons every other week, once a month or whatever works best for you!


  • $85 - 1 1/2 hour

  • $65 - 1 hour

  • $40 - 1/2 hour

Cancellation Policy:

Please give me 24 hours advanced notice so that we can reschedule. If you fail to let me know in this time frame there is no refund option and you will be charged the full lesson amount. 

Ready to sign up?


“Wow. Bevani has even more words of wisdom than I imagined. I am so happy and I feel a lot better now after my lesson with her. Bevani is amazing". - Kayla age 17 (Illinois)


"Bevani is not just a flute teacher. She has taught my daughter to love music, to strive to play beautifully, to be relaxed and physically ready to play, to build her confidence in playing, and to bring out the joyful person inside of her. When Iman is with Beverly, I feel that she is learning life skills as well as flute skills. It's a rare gift to be able to impart happiness as part of a lesson. That is what makes Bevani unique." - Yazmin, Parent (Seattle, WA)