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Trevor James Artist

Bevani is now happy to be part of the Trevor James flute Artists.  She has been playing her Trevor James alto flute for 5 years and loves it!


Musicnotes artist

Musicnotes now carries all of my cover songs!  Please visit their website to see my large collection of sheet music.


High spirits Flutes

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument but think it's too late? Well look no further, the Native American flute is the instrument for you! Easy to play and little training needed to truly enjoy this instrument! Now when you use my code: BEV you'll receive free shipping on your purchases and will be supporting me as well!



The Flute Center of New York offers the most exclusive market place for flutes and that is why I have teamed up with them! Now when you use my special code: BEV you'll receive exclusive perks, including a signed Bevani Flute CD, longer trial periods, free shipping and 18 month warranty on purchases!