about bevani 


I'm a classically trained flutist who has broken free!

I have reached beyond my classical training to delve into music that moves my mind, body, and soul. By stepping out of my comfort zone, a new space has opened up for personal and musical growth.

Bevani is a variation on the Sanskrit word, "Bhavani," which translates as "the giver of life and the source of creative energy". This name embodies the way of being in the world that I want to capture with my music and my performances. 

I’m currently on maternity leave and enjoying being a new mom to our sweet little girl. I hope to return to creating videos and teaching when the time is right. Please visit my YouTube Channel where you'll find a variety of cover songs, classical favorites and flute tutorials for your enjoyment.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and follow my Facebook page for posts about my flute journey!

If you're in the market for a new flute please visit The Flute Center of New York's website for the world's most exclusive marketplace of flutes! By using my code, "BEV" you'll receive free shipping, longer trial periods and other great perks! 

I've released five albums and many singles in the past four years.  My most recent meditation album is titled, 'Nosara' named after a beautiful ocean town in Costa Rica I had the pleasure to visit. If you're looking for some beautiful cover tunes 'In Dreams' is full of my favorites. 'Break Free' is an original album with electronic beats and soaring flute melodies. SIGNED PHYSICAL ALBUMS are available for purchase on my website store, along with sheet music and singles, or download from iTunes and Amazon today! 

I received my Masters in Flute Performance from UCSB, where I studied with Jill Felber as her assistant fellow (2010).

Past classical awards include a performance at The Fischoff Chamber Music competition, Concerto Competition winner with The University of Puget Sound Orchestra and the U.C. Santa Barbara Orchestra, and has appeared as a soloist at the National Flute Association Convention Masterclass Performance Competition (2007).

Q & A

What is your real name?

My real name is Beverly (personally I think it's a bit old lady-ish, but still love it). I first started using my stage name Bevani with my Indian fusion band I joined in Santa Barbara, 2009. My other band mates already had their Indian stage names and encouraged me to find mine. Then my astrologist also insisted I use a stage name, so how could I resist? : )

What types of flutes do you play?

My silver flute is a Brannen model.  I also play the Native American flute from Red Kite flutes, ocarina, crystal flute, alto flute, bansuri, fife, and penny whistle. 

When did you start playing the flute?

I started at age 7 with the Suzuki method, which emphasizes listening and memorizing music first before reading. My teacher was Heidi Ehle.

Where did you go to college?

I received my undergraduate degree in Flute Performance at the University of Puget Sound with Karla Flygare and my Masters degree in Flute Performance at the University of California Santa Barbara with Jill Felber.