The Brossmann Sisters 


Beverly (aka Bevani) and Karina Brossmann have been on an intentional journey of self-discovery for the past 10 years.  Both have participated in numerous workshops around the globe, searching and learning how to become more present and free from their inner resistance. 


Their musical and creative collaborations have emerged from a spontaneous and natural coming together. Both believe in the inherent power within each individual and that by taking the plunge within, being vulnerable, and looking at the places we hide, all hold the key to unlocking our true bliss.


Beverly holds a Masters degree in Flute Performance from the University of California Santa Barbara, while Karina recieved her BFA in Theatre Arts from the Cornish College of Arts. 


Playing music together and supporting other people in finding their own unique voice continues to be a path of deep fulfillment and joy for these sisters! 

What We Offer:                                 Listen:


-Special Events (dinner parties, holiday events etc.)

-Girls Group/ Mentoring work 

-Finding Your True Voice Workshop (all ages) 

-Church Services

-Funeral Offerings

-Yoga coaching with live music (both are certified yoga teachers)

-Retirement/ Nursing Home Sharings

-Live Performance and interactive talks for schools 

-Correctional facilitie shows/yoga work


What people are saying:

I want to specifically tell you that I was feeling nervous as I was dressed and waiting downstairs before the processional. But, I could hear your music soaring over the chatter of guest. Every time I focussed on the music, my nerves went away. - Bride 2013

Thank you so much for coming to share your music at our church.  I'm sure it was easy to tell how well it was received. I heard many comments from the congregation​.  There was certainly an eagerness to bring you back again. - Music coordinator of the Wallingford United Methodist Church

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